Investment Profile Changes – Policyholder Services

Investment Profile Changes

If you would like to request an investment profile change you may do so by any of the following two options:
  • Access your plan or policy by login into the site with your username and password.
  • Select Policy Changes from the menu, select the new investment profile and submit it.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your change by email.
  • Open the PDF document on this page.
  • Complete the information requested on the form, sign and date the form.
  • Email it to:
  • You will receive a confirmation of your change by email.
General Description
The client typically chooses an investment profile in the Plans/Policies that have an investment/savings component, which, subject to specific product restrictions, can be changed during the life of the product. These investment profiles are managed by StateTrust Life & Annuities (STL) and the composition of each profile may vary on an ad-hoc basis, dynamically or periodically.
The investments are not guaranteed and can suffer significant losses due to capital market or investment specific downturns. STL cannot predict the future and past performance does not guarantee or indicate future performance (it is possible to experience significance capital losses. Investments are mainly on mutual funds and market indices or exchange traded funds (“ETF”) of the main capital markets, including, but not limited to, domestic, international and global fixed income funds/ETFs/indices, equity funds/ETFs/indices, currency funds/ETFs/indices, develop/emerging countries funds/ETFs/indices, raw materials funds/ETFs/indices and in general any and different asset classes. Among the funds, there may be funds that are affiliated or related to STL, You have access and should read carefully the prospectus of each funds/ETF where the premiums, net of expenses and other deductions, are being invested in your Plan/Policy.
All purchase/sales of funds/investments in your Plan/Policy have expenses and commissions which are charged by the broker/dealer or financial institution executing the trade(s) which are separate and apart from the charges, expenses, commissions and other monthly deductions of your Plan/Policy described in your product specimen or legal document. These commissions/charges are reflected in the net price paid for the investment. Currently, STL use the services of an affiliate entity, StateTrust Investments, Inc. to execute those trades.
The composition of each investment profile is determined and managed by STL, except in the case of the customized profile. STL, at its discretion, may execute purchase/sales of specific investments/funds/ETFs at any time during a particular month, in addition to changing the percentage distribution of a particular investment/fund/ETFs in a particular investment profile. (See the section called Plan/Policy Operation in the legal document of each product for more details).
The returns shown are from the net investments, after deducting Plan/policy expenses, charges and other deductions, and therefore the return/yield over gross premiums/payments will be lower from the ones shown. The returns/yields and the investment composition of each particular plan/policy will vary depending, among others, on the actual moment payments are made, investment profile history or changes, specific investment composition.
Currently, STL has the following investment profiles available to its clients, which can vary by specific products:
  • •With guarantee
  • •Moderate
  • •Balanced
  • •Growth
  • •Customized (client specifically chooses particular investments from a list of available investments)
The specific composition/structure of each profile its available through our advisors or in the STL proprietary client site after logging in.