Risks Against Your Well Being

Risks Against Your Well Being
The risk an individual faces may be a combination of various factors: the risk of death and accidents, the threat of natural disasters, and market volatility. In terms of personal well being, some risks may affect life expectancy and result in temporary or permanent disabilities.
One of these disabilities is obesity, a disease that in the United States alone affects 26% of men and 23% of women. (1) Over a 20-year period, obesity rates have tripled among Americans, especially children.
Recent research shows a direct relationship between risk of death and increased Body Mass Index. (2) Normal BMI range is 18.5-24.9. Awareness and protection from this risk, through life insurance, are key choices in maintaining personal and family financial integrity.
1. Too Big to Ignore: The impact of obesity on mortality trends.
2. BMI: Body Mass Index.