StateTrust Life and Annuities Relaunches Website: New Products, Features and Useful Information for Policy-Holders.

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StateTrust Life and Annuities Relaunches Website: New Products, Features and Useful Information for Policy-Holders.
Compatible with Windows, Mac Operating Systems and their Various Browsers, StateTrust Life and Annuities’ Website Goes Live Offering a Completely Redesigned Image and Innovative Services.
Tortola, Virgin Islands, February 5, 2013 – After thorough design, programming and marketing efforts, StateTrust Life and Annuities’ new website provides its global customers with updated, useful contents to address all issues regarding protection, coverage, education and retirement plans.
The portal can be browsed in different ways—there are links throughout, and all the information is interrelated. On the website’s sections and subsections, users can find useful information about the Insurance Industry. Customers can also find quick answers on policy-holder services, access the payment center to make payments, or direct any concerns to the international call center.
This new design has two parts. On the one hand, it provides in-depth information for users looking for reliable, updated know-how on life insurance, travel insurance, education plans, and retirement plans. On the other hand, it is an effective tool for customers who want to learn about STL’s offerings and services.
Through 3D graphics, impressive statistics, and contents summarized through charts and tables designed to facilitate reading, the new site is an endless source of information—not only for those who wish to learn more about the way the insurance and protection industry works, but also for potential or existing customers who may have questions, concerns, doubts or suggestions about the products they purchased.
“The goal of this site is for customers and users to expand their knowledge horizons on an industry that is essential to all of our lives. Our goal is to provide education about this topic, while offering immediate, accurate, reliable service, 24/7,” said David Vurgait, President of StateTrust Life and Annuities.
StateTrust Life and Annuities is a company dedicated to providing life insurance, travel insurance, and education and retirement plans. The company has a team of planning and estate succession experts, as well as investment and trust fund planning experts.