“LIGHTHOUSE” Hits the Market: New Multi-Currency Term Life Policies from StateTrust Life and Annuities.

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“LIGHTHOUSE” Hits the Market: New Multi-Currency Term Life Policies from StateTrust Life and Annuities.
StateTrust Life and Annuitites’ new product offers a feature that differentiates it from the rest of its kind: policyholders choose the currency to pay for the plan; provides protection from currencies with poor stability.
Tortola, Virgin Islands, October 13, 2009 – StateTrust Life and Annuities launched its new product “Lighthouse”, a term life policy with unique features in the market, making it a highly competitive product in the insurance industry.
The difference between “Lighthouse” and other plans of its kind is that it offers riders, such as Accidental Death, Spouse Insurance and Accelerated Benefits in case of illness, among others. In addition, at the policyholder’s request, this policy may be turned into a variable universal life plan.
It has a minimum insured amount of 50,000 and a maximum of 2,500,000 USD or Euros. Customers can choose either currency, which is also an innovation compared to traditional term policies. In general, when policies are issued in vulnerable currencies, devaluation can have an adverse impact on investments made through the years and the value of the policy itself.
Investing in a policy with a stable currency means protecting the value of a plan. This will yield a significant return upon expiration of the term, which will be minimally affected by inflation or currency devaluation.
Insurable periods are flexible, and are based on each customer’s needs. 10-30 year limits apply. Premiums are fixed, based on conditions set-forth on the contract.
For David Vurgait, President of StateTrust Life and Annuities, this new product “completes our wide range of products, through various types of insurance policies and plans that have the fundamental characteristic of adapting to each customer’s investment and protection needs.”
StateTrust Life and Annuities is a company dedicated to providing life insurance, and education and retirement plans. The company has a team of planning and estate succession experts, as well as investment and trust fund planning experts.