Policy and Premium Payments Through StateTrust Bank & Trust Ltd.

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Policy and Premium Payments Through StateTrust Bank & Trust Ltd.
StateTrust Life and Annuities policyholders can count on StateTrust Bank to make quick, secure payments online with 24/7 personalized service.
Tortola, Virgin Islands, August 24, 2009 – StateTrust Life policyholders are now able to make payments in their plan’s currency and collect policy benefits through StateTrust Bank & Trust Ltd.
For policyholders with accounts at STB, receiving benefits from education and retirement plans is a matter of seconds. The verification process is completed through the customer’s established relationship with the bank, and through the bank’s relationship with the insurance company.
Having an account with STB provides permanent access to benefits in case of death, so the policyholder and beneficiaries can use the funds to make various types of transactions. With STB, the policyholder may program payments through Internet Banking, StateTrust Bank’s multicurrency technology platform. Payments may be made in two ways: Through the option of transfers to third parties for single payments, or through the Payment Center for recurring payments. In the very near future, the bank will offer policyholders the alternative of making recurring or periodic payments via transfers to third-parties.
These payment features are free of charge to policyholders with accounts at STB.
Similarly, a life insurance, retirement or education plan policyholder with an account at STB is able to diversify funds, consult with financial advisors regarding estate management, and use the bank’s international and investment services.
“Our policyholders also have access to the bank’s investment instruments, such as CDs and credit cards, among others. This is how they are able to expand their estate management horizon, while expediting the entire policy administration process,” said David Vurgait, President, StateTrust Life and Annuities.
StateTrust Life and Annuities is a company dedicated to providing life insurance, and education and retirement plans. The company has a team of planning and estate succession experts, as well as investment and trust fund planning experts.