Executive / Expat Insurance

Executive / Expat Insurance
StateTrust Life & Annuities provides international life insurance policies, with optional benefits, for corporations, employees and small business owners living abroad. We are a leading source of international life insurance policies offering an array of best in class products in international life insurance.
Why use Executive/Expat insurance?
Your death could leave your family or business financially vulnerable. Nothing can replace you, but through the use of insurance, you can ensure that your family or business will be financially secure without you. The insured amount is calculated based on your family or business needs, and can include factors such as: mortgage debt, business/family debt, your current salary, your contribution to company earnings, etc.
StateTrust Life & Annuities caters to individuals living outside their countries* as well as local nationals, who want to buy life insurance, travel insurance, education, and retirement products. We tailor our products to fit your needs. As a result, we offer our products in several currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro, or a currency of your choice. We pride ourselves in our first class service and support. Available products in the areas of life insurance, annuities, and travel products are available and customizable for our expatriate clients.
* StateTrust Life and Annuities does not service US (United States) and BVI (British Virgin Islands) citizens and residents.