Accidental Death Coverage

Accidental Death Coverage
An unexpected death will result in both financial and emotional stress for the survivors. Life insurance companies offer an accidental death rider, or double indemnity, to most life insurance policies. This provides an additional benefit on top of the death benefit associated with the policy, in the event that the death is accidental.
StateTrust Life and Annuities provides an Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) rider to all of its life insurance policies, in the event that the insured dies from an accident that occurs prior to the age of 65. The beneficiary receives an accidental death benefit in addition to what was stated as the main policy death benefit.
The added cost for this life insurance rider is not very high, as most deaths do not fit the criteria of an accidental death under this provision. Long health complications that result in death are far more common than deaths in automobile or work related accidents. However, an unexpected death can have severe financial consequences for a family. For example, if the main income earner happens to have an accidental death, his or her family will suffer a financial shock. This rider provides an inexpensive way of insuring against this possibility.
Rider Characterisitcs
Description: Benefit due to accidental death that applies until age 65.
Minimum insured amount: $50,000
Maximum insured amount: $150,000 (or the insured amount of the policy, whichever is less).
Available: For those insured between the ages of 18 and 65.