Medical evacuation plans provide assistance in the event you become seriously ill or injured while traveling. The plan will provide medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility.
StateTrust Life and Annuities offers SafeRescue, a plan that provides for emergency medical evacuation when you become seriously ill or injured while on your trip. We will provide you with transportation to the nearest appropriate hospital or treatment center. Some of the benefits of this plan are:
  • 24/7 emergency assistance when you contact us regarding the need for an evacuation.
  • Available to travelers from any country.
  • A refund is available up to the day before the plan is to be effective.
The SafeRescue plan also offers a repatriation of mortal remains rider. This rider provides for repatriation of your mortal remains to your country of residency.
Average costs for both Air Ambulance and Nurse Escort evacuations from several counties are listed below.
Country Average Air Ambulance Cost Average Nurse Escort Cost
France $57,000 $22,000
Mexico $30,000 $9,000
Canada $18,500 $12,000
UK $56,000 $22,000
Italy $65,000 $27,000