Education Topics – The Globalization of Talent

Education Topics
In the 21st century, knowledge has become the most important asset in an economy and workers who are well educated and technology savvy command the highest salaries and have the lowest unemployment rates.
The Globalization of Talent
The global integration of economies and business is speeding up the international exchange of money and goods. This process of globalization, which has been progressing at a dizzying rate in the last decade or so, finds itself with a new challenge: The globalization of talent. The trends driving people’s mobility, such as the circumstances surrounding financial and commercial globalization, are due to structural causes that will not be reversed:
  1. The worldwide demographic make-up among countries of destination and countries of origin, reveals that the former need to attract talent and the latter need to create talent to satisfy the demand.
  2. The underprivileged are striving for better income and quality of life in countries with greater opportunities.
  3. The revolution in technology, communications, information and transportation, makes it easier for individuals and organizations to create social and technological networks to circulate resources.
Mobility appears in many forms. From systems for moving talent around, which are driven by global business, to new models of telecommuting. An increase in traveling abroad for academic reasons and flows of migration are an economic and social phenomenon powering the globalization of talent. All of these phenomena – worldwide requirement for professional talent, ambitions across continents to improve lifestyles, forever improving communications, and a shrinking world thanks to superior travel are driving the globalization of talent and transforming Latin America.