Compass Index 2 Life Insurance

Compass Index

1 Description
  • Compass Index, State Trust life and Annuities’ Indexed Universal Life Insurance.
2 Benefits
  • Guaranted Fixed Minimum 0%.
  • Accrual value subject to a share percentage based on performance of the S&P500.
  • Ownership by an individual, trust or corporation.
  • Beneficiaries may be individuals, a trust or corporation.
  • Protection against devaluation of currencies other than Dollars.
  • Trust and Performance of State Trust Group.
3 Age Limitations
  • Plan available for persons 0 – 65 years old.
4 Premiums
  • Flexible premiums within scope defined by contract – Minimum Premium: $1,200.
  • Additional contributions at any point during the life of the policy.
5 Contribution Period
  • Flexible: A single contribution or periodic contributions may be made during the life of the policy.
6 Policy Values
  • Surrender values available through loans,partial surrender amounts and total surrender amounts.
7 Insured Amount and Supplements
  • Insured Amount: Minimum: $50,000 – Maximum: $2,500,000.
  • Available Supplements: Accidental Death Benefit, Additional Term Insurance, Spouse Insurance / Other Insured, Accelerated Death Benefit and Critical Illness.
8 Plan Investment
  • Investment through the S&P500 (no dividends).
  • Index participation at the discretion of State Trust Life and Annuities.
  • Plan Currency: US $
9 Payment Options
  • International credit card, automatic bank account debits (US banks), checks and transfers.
    (payments may be made in the plan’s currency).
  • Directly from your StateTrust Bank & Trust Ltd. account.