Axys – Retirement Plan Products

To arrive at a financially secure retirement, it is necessary to have the advice, tools and products that allow for careful planning of this important life stage. StateTrust Life and Annuities has the experience, knowledge and personnel specializing in effective strategies to achieve a stable retirement.
Axys is the fundamental axis to plan your retirement. Our aim is to offer you disciplined savings with growth potential, with the ultimate goal of providing you with a solid retirement plan.
It is a variable plan, where you can choose your preferred currency and invest in the world’s top markets. This plan builds savings through balanced, diversified investments that leverage market returns; based on your specific investment profile.
Thus, it allows long-term planning for your retirement, while giving you the ability to face financial changes.
  • Young adults wishing to plan for their future over a long-term investment horizon.
  • Individuals wishing to invest in capital markets.
  • Parents who wish to plan for their retirement.
  • Businesses wishing to build retirement funds for key executives.
  • Partners who wish to become cross-beneficiaries – When one of them dies, the survivor receives a planned benefit to cover losses resulting from this death or to buyout the other partner’s share of the business.