Retirement Plans Variable Annuities/Multi-currency 2

Variable Annuities / Multi-Currency Retirement Plan
Variable retirement plans have one distinctive feature: the holder chooses an investment profile that matches his/her risk tolerance. This allows him/her to obtain returns based on the performance of markets worldwide.
Our advisors will assist you in a comprehensive analysis of your retirement needs, taking into account all your additional sources of retirement income, such as:
  • Social Security.
  • A pension from your employer.
  • Investments and other savings.
Once this analysis has been completed, you determine the amount of your contribution and the period of time during which you will make payments. There is a big difference between variable and fixed retirement plans:
You can choose where to make your investment, according to your risk profile, from a list of investment instruments, such as fixed return mutual funds and ETF/Indexes; which give you access to the most important capital markets (unlike fixed retirement plans, the returns for variable retirement plans will vary based on the performance of the investments).