StateTrust Life and Annuities, along with the participation of specialized experts, designs the most ideal structure (creating a trust, a personal assets company or a private foundation) seeking to bring the financial goals of its customers into harmony with the taxation requirements applicable in each case, based on their country of origin.
We must take into account that upon the death of a policy-holder, the estate is subject to inheritance taxes that may reduce the total value of assets. Estate planning is a method specifically designed to reduce the impact of a potential tax burden. Some of the taxes that must be taken into account are:
  • Estate Taxes: Taxes applied to the estate itself, which are applied at the time of death of the asset holder. The amount of tax is based on the price a buyer would pay for assets during the succession process.
  • Inheritance Taxes: A tax for portions of the estate distributed to each of the beneficiaries.
  • Transfer Taxes: All property transfers, whether as gifts or upon death of the owner of said property, or while the owner is still alive; are subject to this type of tax.
These taxes are just a few examples. Each jurisdiction and each country have unique taxation structures regulating the entire succession process.