Risk Topics – Development and Implementation

Risk Topics
The risk an individual faces may be a combination of various factors: the risk of death and accidents, the threat of natural disasters, and market volatility. In terms of personal well being, some risks may affect life expectancy and result in temporary or permanent disabilities.
Development and Implementation
During this stage, the customer is able to execute his/her own plan – both to keep a certain level of risk and to avoid other risks.
  • Quantify risk exposure.
  • Appraise cost of coverage.
  • Evaluate insurance providers or companies specializing in risk transfer issues.
  • Purchase the necessary policies or coverage.

Life Insurance is about building a plan to reach established goals. These goals are based on the potential financial consequences resulting from the death of a person or family member who provides financial support. There are medium and long-term plans. The latter offer more alternatives to improve the savings and investment process.