Casualty Claims

Casualty Claims
A casualty claim occurs when beneficiaries notify StateTrust Life and Annuities that the insured has passed.
This notification is made with the purpose of executing the plan to have benefits disbursed.
The casualty claim process includes the following steps:
  • Beneficiaries notify StateTrust Life of the event in writing or by phone.
  • StateTrust Life and Annuities contacts beneficiaries to inform them of the required documentation:
  • Casualty claim form.
  • Death certificate, translated into English. (The British Embassy should certify that the translation is a faithful copy of the original document.)
  • Copy of newspaper obituaries, if available.
  • Cemetery (burial) certificate or a certificate from the crematorium.
  • Copy of personal identity document or passport of the deceased. Identity documents for each one of the beneficiaries.