Aviso Legal – Privacidade


One ofStateTrust Life and Annuities primary goals is to protect your privacy. We consider it our privilege to serve your insurance needs, and we value the trust you have placed on our firm.
To conduct regular business, we collect non-public information to open your new policies, process your transactions, and help us provide a better level of service. We collect this information from sources, such as applications and forms provided by you, credit, labor and KYC reporting agencies. The information we collect is based on the service we may provide to you.
However, StateTrust Life and Annuities does not share or disclose any non-public personal information about any current or former customer; except as permitted by law. All information remains confidential.
StateTrust Life and Annuities will internally safeguard your non-public personal information by restricting access to only those employees who provide products or services to you or those who need access to your information to service your account. In addition, we will maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet jurisdictional security standards to guard your non-public personal information
You can help us maintain your privacy by taking such precautions as protecting your account and PIN numbers or passwords, and by not disclosing confidential information to unknown callers. We strive to keep our customers’ information accurate. If you believe that our records are incorrect or out of date, please notify us as soon as possible.
Privacy is a partnership. Because privacy matters, we pledge to work together with you to protect and control the security of your confidential information.
Opt-Out By opting out, you are instructing StateTrust Life not to share your personal information with our affiliates — or our unaffiliated business partners as part of a joint marketing arrangement — for marketing purposes. If your StateTrust Life policy or account is jointly owned with one or more other people, you can also opt out for one or all of them.
Even if you opt out, however, if you are a customer of StateTrust Life, we may continue to send you information about products or services offered by any of our affiliated or unaffiliated companies. Your agent may also continue to tell you about other products or services that may help you achieve your financial goals.
We will honor your opt out choice until you instruct us to change it. So if you already opted out, you don’t need to act again. You can opt out by sending us an email at service@statetrustlife.com.