Benefits and Riders

Benefits and Riders
At StateTrust Life and Annuities we see benefits as one of our main areas of focus, because it is through benefits that we make it possible for our customers to plan for their future and their families’ future in three essential areas: protection, education, and retirement.
These essential areas are converted into products with specific benefits through the policies that StateTrust Life offers its customers:
  • Life Insurance: Insurance coverage, which can stay the same; or can be incremental, with the death benefit increasing as the account value increases.
  • Education Plan: Benefits are paid to the plan holder on the date on which studies begin. In case the plan holder dies, the beneficiary starts to receive funds right away. If the holder dies, the benefits can also be paid (based on a prior request from the plan holder) to the beneficiaries or the designated student on the date on which studies begin.
  • Retirement Plan: Offers income for the retirement period specified in the plan. In addition, if the plan holder dies, the beneficiary is protected through immediate implementation of the retirement. Retirement benefits are paid annually. In case of death, the beneficiaries or the designated pensioner receive those benefits automatically.
Holders and beneficiaries of StateTrust Life and Annuities plans and policies receive their benefits in a timely manner in the form of checks, deposits or through a debit card from StateTrust Bank, an affiliate of StateTrust Group. Each of our products is designed with the sole purpose of meeting our customers’ protection and financial needs.