StateTrust Group

StateTrust Group
StateTrust Group is a conglomerate of companies, with broad financial expertise. Throughout its history, the Group has distinguished itself for its philosophy of prudent management policies, low debt, and a conservative financial balance sheet.
StateTrust Group was founded in Miami, Florida, with the goal of leveraging the economic growth and strategic location of this international financial center.
Since its foundation in the United States of America, the Group has expanded to more than 20 countries through a global network of companies, offices, private bankers and international representatives. Tens of thousands of families, corporations and trusts have entrusted their estate, retirement and family protection to the Group’s companies.
StateTrust specializes in providing the following comprehensive services:

Technological development, in both products and operations, is one of StateTrust Group’s pillars of continuous growth and advancement. Other pillars include conservative financial decision-making and personalized service.