Message from the President

Message from the president
StateTrust Life and Annuities follows the founding principles of StateTrust Group: our customers’ success is also our success. Since its beginnings, StateTrust Life has been guided by superior principles of service and a personalized approach in managing our customer’s life insurance, travel insurance, retirement and education needs.
StateTrust Life’s products incorporate standards of the highest quality in the insurance industry. In addition, our products are the result of a detailed analysis of each customer’s individual needs. This is how we can sustain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Our global operation serves international customers in four continents. Thus, products and services are provided in a multi-currency, multi-language environment (with particular emphasis on Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Chinese).
According to Mr. David Vurgait, President of StateTrust Life & Annuities:
“We offer precise, direct and immediate attention. Our agents and advisors are always able to provide our clients with the latest and most transparent information. Our company is solution-oriented, and our working criteria are based on effectiveness and transparency.”

Our customers have access to the latest technology, which enables them to be online with our associates and financial consultants. They also have real-time access to their family protection, retirement, and education products information.