Universal Variable Life 4

Universal Variable Life Insurance
Universal Variable Life Insurance was created with the goal of providing protection at the time of death of the insured. This policy is accompanied by savings, which reflect investments made in capital markets with a separate set of assets.
Through this type of policy the insured can borrow funds that will be available at competitive rates, or withdraw funds at their surrender value for:
  • With partial surrender of the policy, the plan can be customized to suit the need of your children’s higher education.
  • The flexibility of making partial or total surrender gives you a wide range of opportunities for planning your retirement in the best possible way.
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Tax consequences  
Death benefit  
Accelerated Death benefit in case of terminal illness.
Universal Variable Life policies require a mid- to long-term investment horizon; because statistical expectancy, which is made up of growth and scope of expected projected return rates, depends on the completion of an investment cycle, generally based on 10-20 years.