Variable / Multi-currency Education

Variable Multi-Currency Education Plan
Our variable multi-currency education plans offer the option of investing in the world’s most important capital markets. The investment profile is determined by each individual’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Our plans provide the added convenience of making payments and receiving benefits in your currency of choice: US Dollars, Euros, Sterling Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, among other major currencies.
In variable multi-currency education plans, contributions go to a special account for investment in fixed and variable income mutual funds, as well as global stock market indexes; based on the investment profile selected by the customer.
Features and Benefits:
Features Benefits
Plan a half yearly income. The policyholder receive an education payment every six months.
Diversified options across investment profiles. Contributions are invested in capital market instruments (mutual funds and ETFs), thus offering growth potential.
The client chooses the deposit amount and the length of time over which the payment will be made. Flexibility in the amounts and length of contribution and payment.
The client chooses the length of time over which his/her children will receive payments. Death Benefit by means of a life insurance component.
Offers privacy and protection. Your plan is backed by a solid international financial institution.