Universal Index Life – Features and Benefits of Universal Index Life

Universal Index Life Insurance
The key concept in Indexed Life Insurance is the percentage of participation based on growth and return in the S&P 500 Index. (See Policy Contract).
Features and Benefits of Universal Index Life
They are an ideal way to protect yourself and your beneficiaries.
They are an effective estate planning tool (including trusts).
Access to invest in the 500 largest US companies through the S&P 500.
Premium amounts are flexible.
Insured value in US dollars.
Offers maximum confidentiality.
Increase in value:
The policy can increase in value through Indexed funds.
Protection of capital:
Our 0.0% capital guaranty program protects against capital losses.
Funds Withdrawals:
You can obtain a surrender value-based percentage for your personal use through partial withdrawals (minimum and maximum apply).
Access to Loans:
Policy owners can borrow at preferential rates based on surrender value (minimum and maximum apply).