Eduplan Education Plans

In the 21st century, knowledge has become the most important asset in an economy and workers who are well educated and technology savvy command the highest salaries and have the lowest unemployment rates.
With Eduplan, you are guaranteed a fixed amount every semester to cover the costs of a college education. This guaranted plan is aimed at covering university or post graduate expenses for your children or yourself. Eduplan is designed to face the educational challenges of the new millennium. In the knowledge-based economy of the 21st Century, talent is an invaluable commodity. Competitiveness demands greater specialization and skill management. Success goes hand in hand with financial planning to effectively face today’s educational challenges.
  • University students and professionals wishing to enroll in post-graduate degrees.
  • Parents and grandparents wishing to create pension funds in US dollars for their children or grandchildren.
  • Individuals who do not want to be exposed to fluctuations in capital markets, given their low risk tolerance.

In financial terms, risk tolerance refers to an individual’s or an institution’s capacity to be exposed to the volatility of markets. This tolerance is related to each investor’s age, financial capacity and knowledge of investment instruments, among other factors.