Mutual Funds

Mutual funds, also known as common investment funds, are money management instruments that enable investors and corporations to access professional money management services, and enjoy a wide diversification of assets.
Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are an efficient way to achieve economies of scale when managing investments such as shares, bonds, money markets, foreign currencies, or combinations thereof.
A mutual fund investor becomes a shareholder of the mutual fund itself, obtaining dividends from earnings generated or from participation in capital appreciation. There are various types of mutual fund categorizations:
  • By their level of investment risk (shares, bonds, foreign currencies and others).
  • By their type of investment assets.
  • By their geographical focus or market segmentation.
The benefits of investing in mutual funds are:
  • Investment diversification.
  • Choosing mutual funds based on an established investment profile.
  • Professional investment management.
  • It is a simple, transparent and comfortable way of investing.