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In the 21st century, knowledge has become the most important asset in an economy and workers who are well educated and technology savvy command the highest salaries and have the lowest unemployment rates.
Major Changes: Single Parents
United States Statistics

Year 2006: Children Living with a Single Parent: (Source: US Statistics Census Bureau)
  • 12.9 million were single-parent families.
Year 2008: Divorces: (Source: The Barna Group Ltd)
  • 25% of Americans 18 or older have been separated at least once.
  • 33% of adults have been divorced at least once in their lifetime.
Year 2006: Children Living with either their: (Source: US Statistics Census Bureau. Figures in thousands.)
  • Due to divorce: 5,578 children
  • Due to separation: 2,611 children
  • Due to divorce: 1,315 children
  • Due to separation: 413 children

Year 2004: Teenage Pregnancies: (Source: Save the Children)
  • 900,000 become pregnant each year.
  • 78% of those were single teenagers.
  • 31% of girls abandoned school between 8th and 10th grade due to pregnancy.
  • A third of all teenage mothers gets a high school diploma.