Universal Variable Life – Features and Benefits of Universal Variable Life

Universal Variable Life Insurance
Universal Variable Life Insurance was created with the goal of providing protection at the time of death of the insured. This policy is accompanied by savings, which reflect investments made with a separate set of assets in capital markets.
Features and Benefits of Universal Variable Life
Excellent way to protect yourself and your beneficiaries.
Important estate planning tool.
Compounded growth potential.
Multiple investment possibilities.
Insured funds in your preferred currency.
Provides Liquidity and is an efficient way to transfer wealth.
Family Protection for life:
Your policy allows you to choose coverage that meets your family protection needs.
Value Growth:
Your policy can increase in value through compound investment components.
Funds Withdrawals:
Policy owners can withdraw funds as partial surrender amounts.
Access to Loans:
Based on surrender values, you may obtain loans with preferential rates, for your personal use.

After insurance, commission and management expenses have been deducted from the premium, the net amount is invested in various instruments based on each customer’s profile and plan selected. Net value growth depends on return from investment and the fluctuations of world markets.