Planning Process

Planning Process
The earlier the financial plan starts, the more time there will be to adjust it based on changes in a personal, family or succession situations.
At StateTrust Life and Annuities, customers can always depend on professional consultations to guide them on their succession planning. Our planning methodology includes the following steps to guide the process:
  • Collection of information: An inventory of the customer’s property is conducted; lists of family members, business ventures and other assets that might affect the estate’s value are compiled.
  • Analysis: The value of the estate is calculated. This identifies who will be the recipient(s) of which assets, and which of these assets may be subject to taxation or other special conditions as they are transferred.
  • Plan Design: The estate planning consultant will consider all the resources available to meet the customer’s goal in the succession process.
  • Plan Implementation: Resources are put to work — the trust fund becomes structured, the will is prepared, and life insurance is purchased; in addition to any other legal/financial resources needed to optimize and ensure strict compliance with the trustor’s will.
  • Periodic Plan Revision: Disciplined follow-ups are conducted on the plan, to ensure it reflects any changes in the customer’s personal or financial situation.