StateTrust Life and Annuities, along with the participation of specialized experts, designs the most ideal structure (creating a trust, a personal assets company or a private foundation) seeking to bring the financial goals of its customers into harmony with the taxation requirements applicable in each case, based on their country of origin.
Accurate tax planning is part of an in-depth investigation into a customer’s real financial situation, which serves to design a tax structure adjusted to individual needs, legal requirements, and the fundamental goal of protecting the family or individual estate through:
  • Tax savings
  • Deferred taxes
Several Latin American, European and Asian countries have enacted taxation transparency laws to ensure their residents publicly reveal information about their assets abroad. In some cases, these laws require tax payments on income generated in other countries.
Structures will be established in jurisdictions offering:
  • Political stability
  • An efficient administrative structure
  • A fair legal system
  • Reasonable costs