StateTrust Group in a conglomerate of companies with ample financial experience founded in Miami, Florida, with the initial goal of leveraging the economic growth of Latin American countries and Miami’s strategic location as an international financial center.


StateTrust Group provides clients with a portfolio of comprehensive services, including private banking, estate management, investment advice and management, trust services, and life insurance, retirement and education plans.


Since its foundation in the United States of America, the Group has expanded globally to more than 20 countries, through a network of companies, offices, private bankers and international representatives. Today, StateTrust Group has global presence.


StateTrust was founded in the United States as an investment and estate management firm. StateTrust operates through two companies: StateTrust Investments (a Broker-Dealer company) and StateTrust Capital (a registered investment consulting firm). In response to the needs of its customers, StateTrust grew to become a group of companies with the goal of providing comprehensive services to meet the wealth management needs of individuals, families and organizations. From the beginning, the firm has established a global presence through a wide network of subsidiaries and representatives throughout the world, enabling it to provide immediate local services.

This group of companies, adhering to the highest standards of corporate supervision and international compliance, includes:

StateTrust Investments, Inc., A private financial institution that specializes in asset management. Their philosophy is to find the best alternatives to preserve and increase wealth, applying the highest ethical standards. Additionally, this company provides access to international capital markets, through transactional investment accounts.

StateTrust Capital, LLC, A company that provides consulting and financial planning, customized to the investment profile and objectives of each client. Service offerings include access to personalized portfolios, such as fixed-income portfolios, mixed-stock portfolios and international bonds. Portfolios are managed through a portfolio manager in charge of executing trade operations, to obtain specific results within each portfolio. The cost of these administrative services is a single fixed fee based on a percentage of the assets managed.

StateTrust Life & Annuities, Ltd., is a global company specializing in life insurance, retirement plans, education funds, and succession planning, designed for individuals, families and companies around the world. The company is recognized in the international life insurance industry for its impeccable track record.

StateTrust International Bank & Trust, LLC,  is an institution specializing in international private banking activities. The company offers a Multi-Currency Global Platform in various languages with operations, balances and reports in the world's main currencies. Incorporated in Puerto Rico and regulated by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions.

StateTrust Bank & Trust, Ltd., offers international debit and credit card services. Incorporated in Saint Lucia and regulated by the Financial Sector Supervision Unit of the Ministry of Finance.

Atlántica Seguros, S. A. Founded in the Dominican Republic on December 23, 1988. Initially, Atlántica Seguros, S.A. specialized on auto insurance policies. Later, the company expanded their portfolio to include life insurance, personal accidents, fires and allied lines, civil liability and cargo transport. Currently, the company offers insurance policies for life, travel, housing, fire and allied lines, international health, commercial lines, cars and transportation, and funeral services. In 2014, the company was acquired by StateTrust Group.