Our education plans provide the option of investing in the world’s most important markets. They provide the added convenience of making payments and receiving benefits in your currency of choice: US Dollars or Euros.


Having a good education is one of the most valued, significant assets in the job market.

Today, workers with a university, master or higher degree, who have an inclination toward technology, typically receive the highest salaries and have the lowest unemployment rates. On average, an employee with a professional degree earns three times more than a worker without a high school diploma1.

However, the cost of a four-year degree at a private university in the United States can cost more than US $200,000 (2018/19 period)2, which has historically increased at a rate of 5% per year over the last ten years3.

For this reason, an education savings plan is an essential tool to succeed.

StateTrust Life offers the following plans:

  • Scholar: An education plan with variable returns, which provides a savings component to invest in fixed and variable income funds and indexes. This plan covers educational expenses at the beginning of the education period.
1 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), The Economics Daily
2 Annual tuition costs for the 2018/19 cycle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT.
U. S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2018). Digest of Education Statistics, 2016 (NCES 2017-094).
Features Benefits
These plans are an important part of planning for an education, as they provide a bi-annual income to pay for student expenses. The policyholder receives bi-annual payments for educational purposes.
StateTrust Life’s education plans provide investment options in multiple currencies, based on customer preferences, as well as diversified investment profile options. A diversified way to plan and pay for higher education.
Clients choose the amount they wish to deposit and the period for contributions. Contributions are invested in bonds, fixed return mutual funds and global stock market indexes, according to the investor profile and currencies selected by the customer.
Each policyholder chooses the time period when their children will receive education payments. Flexibility to choose the amount and duration of contributions, and the date when education payments begin.
Includes a death benefit through a life insurance component.