We are a global company specializing in life insurance, retirement and education plans. Our products are designed to provide multi-currency protection and coverage, while offering financial planning solutions to meet our customers’ needs


At StateTrust Life & Annuities, we offer solutions focused on providing you with financial security and help protect your family.

With a focus on international markets, our products reflect our business strengths, including ample solvency margins, strong capitalization and global reinsurance issued by top European reinsurers with the highest ratings.

We are part of StateTrust Group, a conglomerate of specialized companies providing financial services, internationally recognized for their impeccable track records.

StateTrust Life & Annuities, Ltd. is incorporated and governed by the laws and regulations of the British Virgin Islands. In addition, the company adheres to strict standards in accounting, auditing, legal procedures, and international regulations for the financial industry, including the insurance, banking and investment industries.

Control and Audit
Regulatory Institution: The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission
External Auditors: BDO Audit PSC
Internal Auditors: Periodically, as a complement to external audits.
Actuarial Certification: KPMG

These controls guarantee the transparency of our operations and the security of our products.

StateTrust Life & Annuities, Ltd. ensures compliance with all laws to fight money laundering and activities to finance terrorism.

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Anti-Money Laundering Background Check Procedures
General introduction Introduction Risk Assessment Process
Anti-money Laundering Actions Client Knowledge
Secret Banking Law Background Check Process
Patriot Act Customer Identification Program
Smart Electronic Monitoring System
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