StateTrust Life & Annuities' annuity plans provide you with a benefit amount after the contribution period has been completed and the established conditions have been met, allowing you to lighten your financial burden and lead a fuller life.


Below are the steps beneficiaries need to take upon death of the insured party:

  1. Notify StateTrust Life & Annuities immediately of the death of an insured party by email, writing to; or completing a form to submit an online claim.
  2. When notifying a death, the following information must be provided:
  • Name of the deceased (insured party):
  • Plan/policy number
  • Date of death of insured party
  • Cause of death
  1. Depending on the cause of death of the insured party, beneficiaries may have to submit additional documentation.
Submit your claim here

The following documents are required to submit a death benefit claim of an insured party:

Documents must be translated into English and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their country of issue.

  • Casualty claim form.
  • Death certificate.
  • Copy of newspaper obituaries, if available.
  • Burial/cremation certificate.
  • Original policy/plan including all applicable documents.
  • Copy of identity card or passport of the deceased.
  • Government-issued ID from each of the beneficiaries.

Depending on the cause of death, the following documents may be requested:

Accident or Murder:

  • Forensic report.
  • Police report of found body.
  • Witness statements, if available.


  • Medical report stating cause of death.
  • Medical report by the attending or emergency physician who treated the deceased.
  • Medical report including the illness that caused the death of the insured, including exact diagnosis, date of diagnosis, treatment(s) applied, and outcome.
  • Medical records prior to the policy subscription date.

We offer financial advice to help beneficiaries learn more about options to obtain the best results and facilitate the payment process.

These options include opening an account at StateTrust Bank, our banking subsidiary, and/or starting a portfolio that provides access to various investment instruments, through our subsidiaries StateTrust Investments and StateTrust Capital.