Universal Variable Life Insurance was created to provide protection at the time of death of the insured. This policy is accompanied by savings, which reflect investments made with a separate set of assets in capital markets.


The policyholder specifies where to invest account funds, based on his/her risk profile.

Universal Variable Life Insurance policies provide two options:

  • Incremental: Benefits in case of death increase as the account value grows. Beneficiaries will receive the basic insured amount plus the accumulated account value.
  • Capped: Benefit in case of death remains constant throughout the life of the policy.

When benefits in case of death come from incremental policies, they are directly related to the return on investment. On the other hand, in the case of a capped policy, benefits are always the same. The account value always varies based on performance of assets in capital markets. Thus, savings are subject to return on investment.


Another fundamental feature of these types of policies is their flexibility, which allows you to:

  • Invest in various investment profiles, through ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds/Indexes), which allow you to participate in the world’s top capital markets.
  • Select premiums, amounts, frequency (maximums and minimums apply), and special contributions.
  • Use accumulated funds through partial or total surrender amounts, and surrender value-based loans. This provides certain level of liquidity during the life of the policy.
  • Choose insured amounts, capped or incremental.
  • Establish financial goals. These policies provide a space to create disciplined savings and investments.
  • Features and Benefits of Variable Universal Life Insurance
Features Benefits
Excellent way to protect yourself and your beneficiaries Family Protection for Life:
Your policy allows you to choose coverage that meets your family protection needs.
Important estate planning tool Value Growth:
Your policy can increase in value through compound investment components
Compounded Growth Potential Fund Withdrawals:
Policy owners can withdraw funds as partial surrender amounts.
Multiple Investment Possibilities
Insured amount in your currency of preference—US Dollars or Euros.
Provides liquidity and is an efficient way to transfer wealth Access to Loans:
Based on surrender values, you may obtain loans with preferential rates, for your personal use
  • After insurance, commission and management expenses have been deducted from the premium, the net amount is invested in various instruments, based on each customer’s profile and plan selected. Net value growth depends on return on investment and fluctuations of world markets.

Through this type of policy the insured can borrow funds that will be available at preferential rates; or withdraw resources from your account value for:

  • Education Planning:

With partial surrenders of the policy, you can plan efficiently for your children’s higher education.

  • Retirement Planning:

The flexibility of making partial or total surrenders gives you a wide range of opportunities for planning your retirement in the best possible way.

Features CD’s and other Banking Products Annuities UV Life Insurance
Tax Consequences
Benefit in case of Death
Benefit for accelerated death in case of terminal illness.

Universal Variable Life policies are products that require a mid- to long-term investment horizon, because statistical expectancy, made up of growth and scope of expected/projected return rates, depends on the ability to complete an investment cycle that is generally based on 10-20 years of investments.