Our life insurance policies give you the option of investing in the world’s most important markets and the added convenience of making payments and receiving benefits in your currency of choice: US Dollars or Euros.


Regardless of your current age, retirement planning is essential to be ready and comfortable during your golden years. When saving for retirement, your goal should be to maximize your earning potential and minimize risks.

There are several steps you must take into account to ensure a safe retirement:

  • Start saving as soon as possible.
  • Make a retirement plan.
  • Invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.
  • Follow your progress regularly and make adjustments.
  • Plan an exit strategy (determine when to start withdrawing money and how much).

StateTrust Life provides:

Axys: A retirement plan with variable returns, which offers a savings component that invests in fixed and variable income funds and indexes. This plan pays benefits at the beginning of the retirement period, based on an agreed structure.

Features Benefits
These plans are an important part of planning for retirement, as they provide an annual income for retirement. The policyholder receives an established retirement amount each year.
StateTrust Life’s retirement plans provide investment options in US Dollars and Euros, and diversified investment profile options. A diversified way to plan for your retirement.
Based on the premium amount chosen, each customer can determine the amount their beneficiaries will receive. Contributions are invested in fixed return mutual funds and global stock market indexes, according to the investment profile and plan currency selected by the customer.
Flexibility to choose the amount and duration of contributions, and the date when retirement payments begin.

At StateTrust Life & Annuities, our plans also offer an insurance option, which will cover any unpaid premiums for a retirement plan due to death of the insured. The plan is activated at the time of death and before the benefits payout period begins.