Term Life Insurance plans are used to meet your family’s coverage and protection needs during a specific period of time. Premiums are fixed and must be paid within a specific period of time. Otherwise, the policy is cancelled.


StateTrust Life and Annuities offers a life insurance plan with return of premium called Lighthouse. This life insurance product provides coverage with capped premiums during the life of the policy. This policy will provide financial resources to your family in case of premature death. In addition, at the end of the coverage period, all premiums paid will be reimbursed as long as there are no pending claims in the policy at the time of death of the insured.

The amount received at the end of the insured period is fixed and independent of fluctuations in interest rates or capital markets. This policy is especially designed for those who have significant protection needs for a specific period of time, as they are able to maximize their cost-protection ratio. This product is also a good means of protection for people who have invested all their assets in a new business that is still in its initial stages, where the death of a key participant could mean a substantial loss of resources, if not the total loss of invested capital.

Term Life Insurance products with return of premium are specially designed for:

  • Parents seeking protection for their families for a specific period of time.
  • Businesses wishing to offer temporary benefits for key executives or employees.
  • Individuals who already have a life insurance policy but wish to expand their coverage and enjoy greater cost-benefit efficiency.
  • Individuals who need a significant amount of insurance but have a limited budget to purchase a life insurance policy.
  • Individuals who need life insurance as collateral to obtain a loan or mortgage.
  • Individuals wishing to receive a return on their premiums, paid as a lump sum at the end of their policy.

Available riders for our Term Life plans include:

  • Accidental Death Benefit.
  • Additional Term Insurance.
  • Spouse Insurance/ Other Insured.
  • Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness.

Some of Sentinel’s main features include:

Benefits ·       Flexible Insurable Period: 20-30 years.

·       Ability to select plan currency.

·       Protection against devaluation of currencies with low stability.

·       Option to convert to a permanent life insurance policy with premium recalculation.

·       Option to renew annually with premium recalculation.

Age Limitations Plan available for individuals from 3 months to 75 years of age.
Premiums Fixed premiums within scope defined by contract.
Contribution Period Throughout the life of the policy, according to the insurable period selected by the customer.
Insured Amount Minimum: $100,000 — Maximum: $5,000,000 (USD or Euros).
Methods of Payment International credit card, automatic bank account debits (US banks), checks and transfers (payments made be made in your plan’s currency), made directly from your StateTrust Bank and Trust, Ltd.(Note: StateTrust Bank & Trust Ltd. is a subsidiary of StateTrust Life & Annuities, which provides international banking services).