Our life insurance policies provide the option of investing in the world’s most important markets and the added convenience of making payments and receiving benefits in your currency of choice: U.S. Dollars or Euros.


Through a life insurance policy you can ensure your family or business will not be financially vulnerable, in the event of your absence.

Our Life Insurance products include:

Product Name Product Type Description
Legacy Variable Universal Life Insurance This is a variable universal life insurance plan that provides the flexibility to invest and the protection of a life insurance policy. This policy provides access to the world’s top capital markets, giving our customers the ability to invest, both to protect their inheritance and family estate, as well as plan for succession.
Lighthouse Term Life Insurance This life insurance product provides coverage with capped premiums during the life of the policy. This plan does not include an investment component, thus offering the insured amount at the lowest available cost.
Sentinel Return of Premium Term Life Insurance This life insurance product provides coverage with capped premiums during the life of the policy. This policy will provide financial resources to your family in case of premature death. In addition, at the end of the coverage period, you will be reimbursed all premiums paid.

* StateTrust Life & Annuities does not serve citizens and residents of the United States of America (USA) or the British Virgin Islands (IVB).

Features Benefits
These plans are an important part of financial planning and pay off the amount insured in case of death. Policy beneficiaries receive a lump sum benefit in case of death of the insured.
StateTrust Life’s life insurance products provide investment options in U.S. Dollars and Euros, and diversified investment profiles may also be applied. An excellent way to plan for an unexpected death, which could affect the financial stability of your family.
Based on the premium amount chosen, each customer can determine the amount their beneficiaries will receive. Contributions are invested in bonds, fixed return mutual funds and global stock market indexes, according to the investment profile and plan currency selected by the customer.
Flexible contribution amounts and length of contributions.

* Not applicable to Term Life products.