In the Americas, Europe, and Asia there are three primary types of pension plans:

  • Individual Pension Plans, where employees contribute a monthly amount to their retirement fund.
  • Collective Pension Plans, where an employer provides employees with additional benefits.
  • Plans including Government Participation,
    also known as inter-generational solidarity plans.

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Country Indiv. Priv. Retirement Insurance Government Pension System Retirement Age (M/F)
Latin America Argentina Yes Yes 65/60
Chile Yes No 65/60
Colombia Yes Yes 60/55
El Salvador Yes Yes 65/55
Ecuador No Yes 60/60
Mexico Yes Yes 51/49
Dominican Republic Yes Yes 60/60
Venezuela Yes Yes 60/55
North America Canadá Yes Yes 62/62
U.S.A. Yes Yes 67/67
Europe Germany Yes Yes 67/67
Spain Yes Yes 65/65
France Yes Yes 65/65
UK Yes No 65/60
Asia China Yes Yes 60/55
India Yes Yes 60/60
Japan Yes Yes 60/60

Colombia – Since 2014, men retire at age 62 and women at 57.
Ecuador - Mixed pensions system, receives mandatory deposits and contributions, and provides combined benefits—a portion for retirement, inter-generational solidarity, and another portion for retirement through mandatory individual savings.
Mexico – Beginning in 2028, men will retire at age 60 and women at 58.