A universal indexed life insurance plan with flexible premiums, which combines the protection of a life insurance policy with an investment component.


This type of insurance provides gains from your investment index of choice, with a guaranteed minimum return, as long as certain payment conditions are met throughout the life of the product. This is to limit any possible losses due to risks inherent in investment indexes.

Global Dynamic Protection guarantees payment of a specific sum from the full insured amount at the time of death of the insured. It also enables you to use any account values generated within the policy when requesting loans or partial redemptions—up to 80% of the policy redemption value. Another important benefit is that additional riders may be added to strengthen the protection that this insurance provides.

Who is this type of insurance intended for?

  • Responsible parents seeking protection for their families and establish a source of savings.
  • Business partners designated as crossed beneficiaries, in order to guarantee business liquidity in case of death of one of the parties.
  • Businesses wishing to provide protection and savings benefits for key executives.
Features Benefits
Description Indexed Multi-Currency Universal Life Insurance Policy
Eligibility Plan available for individuals between 3 months and 65 years of age.
Insured Amount Minimum $50,000

Maximum $5,000,000

Currency U.S. Dollars and Euros
Premiums Flexible
Policy Values Values are available through loans, partial/total surrender amounts, based on limitations and regulations established when the policy was issued.
Available Riders
  • Accidental Death
  • Temporary Additional Insurance
  • Spouse Insurance/ Other Insured.
  • Critical Illness
  • Terminal Illness
  • Premium exemption
  • Total/permanent disability
Policy Investments Available Investment Profiles are based on your risk-tolerance levels: Guaranteed / Moderate / Balanced / Growth / Customized.

This product gives you the ability to change investment profiles and rebalance portfolios.

Benefit in case of Death Capped: The death benefit will be either the insured amount or the account value at the time of the death of the insured, whichever is greater.

Incremental: Payment of the insured amount to beneficiaries will be the accumulated account value plus the policy’s basic insured amount and riders, if applicable.

Methods of Payment International credit/debit card.

Debit from U.S. bank accounts.