The purpose of life insurance is to guarantee, at the time of death of the insured, a specific amount of funds to be paid to each beneficiary.


This is a variable universal life insurance plan that provides the flexibility to invest and the protection of a life insurance policy.

This policy provides access to the world’s top capital markets, giving our customers the ability to invest, both to protect their inheritance and family estate, as well as plan for succession.


  • Accidental Death
  • Temporary Additional Insurance
  • Spouse Insurance/ Other Insured.
  • Critical Illness
  • Terminal Illness
  • Premium exemption
  • Total/permanent disability

Intended for:

  • Parents seeking protection for their families.
  • Businesses wishing to offer benefits for key executives.
  • Seniors seeking an orderly succession planning process.
  • Business partners designated as cross-beneficiaries to provide access to liquidity, in case there is a need to buy a portion of the business back from heirs upon death of one of the partners.
  • Individuals who want to commit to building disciplined savings, through participation in the world’s top capital markets, based on investment profiles offered by STL.
  • Legacy, Universal Variable Life Insurance in multiple currencies from StateTrust Life and Annuities
  • Benefit options in case of death: Capped or Incremental.
  • Investment Profiles based on your risk-tolerance levels, which allow for portfolio diversification.
  • Protection against devaluation of currencies with low stability.
  • Option to select investments your preferred currency.
  • Policy ownership: Individuals, Corporations or Trusts.
Age Limits
  • Plan available for individuals up to 65 years old.
  • Flexible premiums within scope defined by contract — Min. Premium: $1,400 U.S. Dollars or Euros.
  • Additional Contributions at any point during the life of the policy.
Contribution Period
  • Flexible. A single contribution or periodic contributions may be made during the life of the policy.
Policy Values
  • Surrender values available through loans, partial surrender amounts and total surrender amounts
    (Within the limitations and conditions set forth in the policy contract).
Insured Amount and Riders
  • Insured Amount: Minimum: $50,000 — Maximum: $2,500,000 (U.S. Dollars or Euros).
  • Available Riders: Accidental Death, Additional Temporary Insurance, Spouse Insurance / Other Insured, Accelerated Benefits in case of Illness, Critical Illness.
Plan Investments
  • Ability to invest in “ETF or Index” market instruments and Mutual Funds.
  • Access to the world’s main capital markets through a highly diversified portfolio.
  • Option to select plan currency in U.S. Dollars or Euros.
  • Investment Profiles based on your risk-tolerance levels: Guaranteed / Moderate / Balanced / Growth / Customized.
Methods of Payment
  • International credit/debit cards, automatic debits from U.S. banks, checks and transfers. (Payments may be made in the plan’s currency).