In order to reach retirement with financial peace-of-mind, you need tools, advice and products that that enable you to carefully plan for this stage of your life. StateTrust Life & Annuities has the experience, knowledge and personnel specializing in effective strategies to achieve a stable retirement.


Axys is the fundamental axis to plan your retirement. We aim to offer you disciplined savings with growth potential, with the ultimate goal of providing you with a solid retirement plan.

This product offers a savings plan that invests in fixed and variable income funds and indexes. This plan covers retirement expenses at the beginning of the retirement period.

Thus, it allows long-term planning for your retirement, while it gives you the ability to face financial changes.

Intended for:

  • Young adults who want to plan for their future over a long-term investment horizon.
  • Individuals wishing to invest in capital markets.
  • Parents who wish to plan for their family retirement.
  • Businesses wishing to build retirement funds for key executives.
  • Partners who wish to become cross-beneficiaries—when one of them dies, the survivor receives a planned benefit to cover losses resulting from this death.
  • Axys is a guaranteed multicurrency income retirement plan, offered by StateTrust Life & Annuities.
  • Ability to designate beneficiaries in case of death.
  • Ability to designate a different pensioner to the beneficiary of the Insured Life policy.
  • Enjoy your retirement in your country of choice.
  • Flexibility to increase contribution amounts.
  • Plan available for individuals up to 65 years old.
  • StateTrust Group’s trust and solid performance.
  • Specialized assistance from Retirement and Estate Planning consultants.
Age Limits
  • Plan available for individuals up to 65 years old.
  • Flexible Premiums within scope defined by contract.
  • Additional Contributions at any point during the life of the policy.
Contribution Period
  • Flexible (Minimums apply)
Premium amount
  • Min. Premium: $1,200 (US Dollars or Euros)
Annual Retirement Income
  • Minimum: $6,000 per year (US Dollars or Euros) — Maximum: Unlimited.
Plan Investments
  • Ability to invest in “ETF/Indices” market instruments and Mutual Funds.
  • Access to the world’s main capital markets through a diversified portfolio.
  • Option to select plan currency in US Dollars or Euros.
  • Investment Profiles based on your risk-tolerance levels:
    Guaranteed / Moderate / Balanced / Growth / Customized.
Full Insurance Options
  • Upon death, beneficiaries may start benefiting from this retirement immediately, by financing your plan’s account with the premiums left unpaid plus projected returns.