In order to reach retirement with financial peace-of-mind, you need tools, advice and products that that enable you to carefully plan for this stage of your life. StateTrust Life & Annuities has the experience, knowledge and personnel specializing in effective strategies to achieve a stable retirement.


Horizon is a Guaranteed Retirement Plan. With this product, a fixed amount is established from the very beginning, which the policyholder will receive every year upon reaching their retirement age.

This plan includes creating a retirement plan through the disciplined savings of the policy-holder. This fund provides the pensioner, as well as their beneficiaries, with the peace of mind that in case of death, the latter will receive a fixed retirement amount.

Intended for:

  • Parents seeking secure, guaranteed retirement.
  • Seniors who want to avoid exposure to fluctuations in capital markets.
  • Corporate retirement plans for key executives.
  • Horizon is a Guaranteed Retirement Plan offered by StateTrust Life & Annuities.
  • Ability to designate beneficiaries in case of death.
  • Ability to designate a different pensioner to the beneficiary of the Insured Life policy.
  • Enjoy your retirement in your country of choice
  • Guaranteed retirement amount.
  • Plan available for individuals up to 65 years old.
  • StateTrust Group’s trust and solid performance.
  • Specialized assistance from Retirement and Estate Planning consultants.
Age Limitations
  • Plan available for individuals up to 65 years old.
  • Flexible Premiums within scope defined by contract. Min. Premium: US $1,200.
Contribution Period
  • Flexible (Minimums apply)
Premium amount
  • Min. Premium: US $1,200
Annual Retirement Income
  • Minimum: $6,000 per year — Maximum: Unlimited.
Full Insurance Options
  •  In case of your death, your beneficiaries will be able to receive your guaranteed amount for retirement.