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Horizon Growth
To arrive at a financially secure retirement, it is necessary to have the advice, tools and products that allow for careful planning of this important life stage. StateTrust Life and Annuities has the experience, knowledge and personnel specializing in effective strategies to achieve a stable retirement.
We provide a new horizon of possibilities for your retirement: Variable income with potential growth.
This plan gives you access to mutual funds and retirement instruments called ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), through a diversified portfolio with investment in dollars. By using a strong currency, investments and savings may be more solid in the face of continuous increase in the cost of and devaluation of weaker currencies.
  • Young adults wishing to plan for their retirement over a long-term investment horizon.
  • Parents seeking additional sources to complement their retirement.
  • Parents and grandparents wishing to create pension funds in US dollars for their children or grandchildren.
  • Young adults wishing to create a pension fund with their parents as beneficiaries.