Variable / Multi-currency Annuities

Variable Annuities / Multi-Currency Retirement Plan
Variable retirement plans have one distinctive feature: the holder chooses an investment profile that matches his/her risk tolerance. This allows him/her to obtain returns based on the performance of markets worldwide.
Variable plans do not only offer retirement income, but after the holder’s death, they also provide an annual benefit to the beneficiaries he/she has chosen. The plans are also flexible, because customers can:
  • Decide how long they want to make contributions to the retirement plan, the amount and the frequency of their contributions.
  • Establish the period of time and the income amount they want to receive in retirement.
  • The Investment Profiles are composed of ETF/Indexes, which offer excellent diversification and transparency.
  • Contributions are flexible. They can be modified by the customer during the life of the policy, but are subject to the minimums established in the contract.