Succession Topics – A Succession Plan for each Stage in Life

Succession Topics
The estate is everything a person possesses, both as an individual and a member of society, before it is distributed to the beneficiaries.
A Succession Plan for each Stage in Life
When you sit down with a succession advisor at StateTrust Life and Annuities, the goal is to create a plan to suit your needs, taking into account your family structure and financial assets.
Category Succession Plan Will Guardian Trust Fund Life Insurance
Young and Single No No No No No
Has partner but not married Specify where assets will go since there is no marriage contract
Married with children Specify who will be in charge of children in case of death Appoint a guardian if parents are permanently absent Create a Trust Fund Buy Life Insurance
Has healthy assets Plan to Protect assets Must be updated Orderly succession avoiding heavy taxation
Senior citizen The plan is in motion Wishes in case of death or total, severe, physical or mental disability Has a Fund Has Life Insurance