Succession Topics – Top Ten Planning Mistakes

Succession Topics
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Top Ten Planning Mistakes

Succession planning requires a strategic plan to maintain the financial health of estate assets, which will be passed down to beneficiaries.

1 Lack of a will or failing to update it periodically: When someone dies without a will in place, the Government has the authority to dispose of assets.
2 Lack of flexibility: Life changes. Being inflexible can leave future needs unprotected.
3 Lack of liquidity at the time of death: When there isn’t enough cash to cover the costs of a death, it will be necessary to sell some assets.
4 Not planning for the future of your business: Planning is essential in calculating and projecting the future of your business, in case of an untimely death.
5 Not including a life insurance policy as part of your estate’s assets: Benefits from your life insurance policy are considered part of your estate.
6 Not taking advantage of changes in tax laws: Tax structures may change every year. It is important to revise your assets periodically.
7 Not having a retirement plan: Planning for retirement has to do with the income you will need once you retire. This affects the total value of your estate.
8 Excessive trust on external sources of income: If your income is derived from government sources or pension plans, whether public or private, be mindful of any changes in regulations and requirements.
9 Poor asset structure/diversification: The combination of investments and income should be efficient and stable.
10 Lack of an updated succession plan: Succession plans must be updated periodically to reflect any new changes in your situation.