Risk Topics – Risk Identification

Risk Topics
The risk an individual faces may be a combination of various factors: the risk of death and accidents, the threat of natural disasters, and market volatility. In terms of personal well being, some risks may affect life expectancy and result in temporary or permanent disabilities.
Risk Identification
At StateTrust Life and Annuities we have developed a set of instruments and strategies to enable you to identify and eliminate risks that may, at a given time, become an obstacle in the achievement of your financial goals.
In order to avoid the mistake of ignoring risks, they must be identified through a specific methodology.
The following items are part of this methodology:
  • Risk Questionnaire: Through detailed questions, this instrument seeks to serve as a guide in the risk identification process.
  • Exposure List: A list of the most common risks.
  • Insurance Policy List: Insurance companies, such as StateTrust Life And Annuities, offer a specialized list of policies and their uses.
  • Financial Analysis: In-depth knowledge of customer financial activities, in order to determine which of them may present a risk.

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