Claim Topics – Documentation and Immediate Tasks

Claim Topics
This is one of the most difficult moments in life, for which no one is fully prepared. Whether death is due to natural causes, illness, or an accident, several things must be considered.
Death Certificate:
Certifies someone’s passing and includes their information and date of occurrence. This document may be required by undertakers, insurance companies, health plans, banks, and the companies that issue credit cards.
Cemetery (burial) certificate or a certificate from the crematorium:
This document from the cemetery or crematorium certifies the date of the service and includes the deceased person’s information. It can be a required document in many instances for insurance companies. Some people have paid for undertakers’ services in advance. But if the deceased did not leave any arrangements, the following should be considered:
  • Undertaker services cost an average of $5,000. If the deceased has life insurance, the death benefit may cover the costs of the process.
  • Be very careful about unscrupulous people who exploit a time of weakness and confusion to overcharge. It is better to ask for the help of a trusted relative or a close friend who may be able to make all the necessary arrangements more calmly, after consulting with family members.
Personal Identity document or passport:
In order to make an insurance claim as well as deal with banks and other financial companies, a copy of the personal identity documents or passport of the deceased as well as identity documents or passports for the beneficiaries of the deceased will be required.