Claim Topics – What to do with Benefits Received?

Claim Topics
The passing of a loved one is one of the most painful moments in a person’s life. Some families are left exposed to serious financial hardship after losing the head of the household.
What to do with Benefits received?
There are several alternatives we would like to propose. They are based not only on our experience as an insurance company, but also on our customers’ experiences:
  • Our specialized advisors can provide immediate guidance on benefits, investments and retirement. They can assist customers in the design of a plan, and guide them through a thorough review of their financial situation. (See Policy Holder Services)
  • Any benefit received may be managed through bank accounts offering private, commercial and investment banking instruments in multiple currencies.
  • If one of the parents passes away, the surviving parent can use benefits to purchase another life insurance policy—this is especially important when children are involved. The goal is to ensure that the children are not left unprotected.
  • If an education plan has been purchased, and upon death of the plan holder, the beneficiary is not old enough to begin their higher education, benefit distribution may be deferred until the beneficiary reaches college age.
  • If the deceased was a pension or retirement plan holder, beneficiaries may use benefits immediately to cover their most urgent needs, or they may reinvest the benefits through various financial instruments.