StateTrust Life – Personalized Service

Diamond Service
StateTrust Life’s structure is designed to provide personalized customer service.
Thanks to its presence in several countries, customers have local access to StateTrust Life’s international representatives.
Personalized Service
StateTrust Life’s aim is to have a direct connection with its customers, in order to provide them with high quality service through our service center, agents, and local strategic alliances. Through a network of hundreds of consultants specializing in financial planning and insurance protection as well as a 7 day a week customer service center, StateTrust offers its Diamond Service.
Our products are based on three fundamental elements: financial well being, risk management and financial planning. We offer multiple long and medium-term solutions for insurance, retirement, and education planning. StateTrust Life’s Diamond Service focuses on providing personalized attention through continuous communication with our customers, and the dynamic evaluation of their needs.
We serve customers from various countries and can provide assistance in various languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Chinese. We also provide products that can be denominated in any of the world’s main currencies.
Confidentiality, privacy, and integrity are the most significant values in StateTrust Life’s relationship with its customers.