Guaranteed Education

Guaranteed Education Plan
A guaranteed Education Plan is defined as a contract where one of the parties (the insurer) agrees to pay the other party (the beneficiary) a periodic, established amount during an agreed period of time.
Guaranteed Education Plans receive interest during the accumulation phase, and a pre-established payment amount during the benefits period. These amounts do not vary. They are a good option for those who wish to be more cautious, lower the risk in their investment portfolios, and accordingly, lower the amount of the returns.
In guaranteed education plans, the amount received under the plan is independent of changes in interest rates or fluctuations in capital markets.
Features and Benefits.
Features Benefits
Half-yearly payments for education. Guaranteed assurance of education payments.
Good for higher education planning. Fixed payments amount. Not affected by fluctuations in the markets.
Securities in US Dollars. Protection against devaluation of local currencies.
Contribution and Periods selected by the customer. Flexibility at the time of contracting.
Period of study selected by the holder, as well as an insurance option which guarantees that if the holder dies, the contributions will be covered by the insurance. Death benefit by means of a life insurance component.